G.FAR : Wipeclean Tablecloths For Your Home And Restaurant

We supply for your home and for Restaurants. We supply the UK only.

Oilcloth Tablecloths (pvc coated tablecloths) & Vinyl Tablecloths
Table Protectors

Oilcloth tablecloths are a printed COTTON fabric that has been coated with pvc, either gloss or matt.
Vinyl Tablecloths are 100% synthetic consisting of a printed layer of pvc laminated to a synthetic mesh for bulk.

£3.50 per linear metre ( 140cm x 100cm ) is the general rate for Vinyl Tablecloths

£12.50 per linear metre ( 132cm x 100cm) is the general rate for Oilcloth Tablecloths

From the website simply choose the design and then the size and shape required. You will find round pvc tablecloths, square pvc tablecloths or you can buy by the metre in 10cm increments. PVC rolls of 20m are also available.

For Restaurants that have a large variety of table sizes please call us on 07528 737917 and we will quote based on your requirements. We will hem and join if necessary to make large cloths

Remember to allow for a drop when selecting your tablecloth. We recommend 15 - 20cm on each side but the choice is yours. All our wipeclean tablecloths are bespoke. They are cut from a roll when we receive an order.We do not hem the oilcloths unless for an order of 5 or more.

Feel free to ask for samples. We recommend that you do so as the PC screen can not replicate colour or texture.

If you prefer us to put the order on for you on the website than call us on 07528 737917


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